On the way home

Everyday I get stopped at the lights on Sally’s Bridge. It’s just not possible to get from the set on Donore Ave through to the set Sally’s Bridge. So I take a pic with my phone camera. It’s only 2.0mps so the quality is not great but this set of photos taken since January prove one thing. It doesn’t always rain in Ireland. In fact I have rarely cycled in the rain in the last three months.

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  1. Nice idea. It also shows that not much happens on Sally’s bridge… except maybe for that surreal photo of the bloke taking photos of people taking photos…. šŸ™‚

  2. Love it!

    Been meaning to do something similar but for 2 things.
    1. There isn’t anywhere I *always*stop and halting for no reason in Amsterdam cycle traffic is a painful form of suicide.
    2. My camera is my phone and my phone is my internet radio device, so if I took a picture I’d stop listening to Morning Ireland/Drivetime (only use headphone in one ear only)

    Do have a plan to take a day off and do my route with stops and photos along the way. When I do I’ll share the photos.


  3. Thanks for your comments!

    @Brendan and genuinely it is very quiet from a pedestrian point of view; busy for traffic. I’m going to keep adding and we should see some dramatic changes to the trees and the building on the left hand side.
    @Elf I hear you re stopping having read about your own cycling adventures šŸ™‚ Some days I miss the photo because the camera is in my backpack but I’ve become so obsessive about it that I usually take off my bag and root it out. Taking a day off to do anything you enjoy is always a good idea. I like this approach because it’s a longitudinal view.

    Did you spot that one view was different?

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