Infinity Reef

I’ve written before about my infinity blanket which has now reached five rows of 20 granny squares I think. So it’s about as slow growing as coral reef. Turns out that my blanket has more in common with coral reef than the slowness of its growth. The hyperbolic growth structure of coral reefs can only be mapped in crochet. Watch this brilliant presentation by Margaret Wertheim from – it speaks to so many nerdy aspects of my life. I’m going to make myself some of that gorgeous coral reef. I have just the wool at home too.

Check out Wertheim’s Flickr Photostream as well. Some amazing stuff including a Business Card Sponge.

4 Replies to “Infinity Reef”

  1. Finally got around to watching the video – that is so cool. I must do some searching on the internet to get patterns to start a reef. If we can get other people involved maybe we could display it at some bloggie events 🙂

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