Blog blog blog does she NEVER shut up?

I go on about blogging so much that Enterprise Ireland asked me to do a podcast about business blogging with Damien Mulley. You can listen here.

Some great tips from Damien (and I love the way he says search engine ūüôā ) and I have to give kudos to all my colleagues in the Social Media Working Group who inform a lot of what I say in it.

One Reply to “Blog blog blog does she NEVER shut up?”

  1. Liked the podcast very much. Especially the appreciations on the “intimate” nature of blogging. In a country like Ireland full of SMEs, the opportunity to engage is higher and we need to take advantage of that. In a B2B environment, creating awareness through blogging means that many contacts become “stronger” just because of building a relationship online prior to meeting up in person. The results are proving to be suprising for us in particular. Time management for social media activities is still an concern to me though.

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