BizCamp: not just for geeks

It’s for nerds of all sorts! BizCamp is a user generated business conference with open, participatory workshop-events, where content is provided by the participants. It’s taking place on Saturday 7th March in the Digital Exchange on Crane St. off Thomas St. I’ll be there as you will see from the list of those who have signed up to attend.

If you still think this looks exceptionally techie you can do two things: read this which tries to convince you otherwise or step up and offer to talk about some other aspect of business.

My first experience of a camp style unconference was PodCamp Ireland last September where I facilitated a session about Twitter. If Bizcamp is anything near as useful, informative and resource-filled as Podcamp was, you’ll be onto a winner. What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing. And there’s an after-party too!

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