Hint Hint

Although I think the name of this Mummy Laptop Bag from Pressieport is a little wonky I totally love it and there’s less than a month to my birthday and I know Himself has subscribed to my RSS feed so he can be kept vaguely aware of what’s going on in my life.

What’s the world come to when you know the best way to get your husband’s attention is through your blog? Mind you he could’ve been saying the same thing for years about me…

3 Replies to “Hint Hint”

  1. Where can I get one of these ! Him bought v square boring black case as companion for little shiny Xmas Viao n as 5yr old says, about just about everything “I’m trying to like it, but I dont think I going to” are you waterbearer ? Me 7 feb

  2. I’m afraid to divulge too much about my exact birthday online, Sheila, but I love your 5 year old’s comment. My 2.5 year old says “It’s not yuck.” Hilarious!
    I’ve since decided that that bag is too much if I expect people to take me seriously but http://www.pressieport.ie where I found it has some COOL pressies and I will definitely be using in the future. Christmas 09 sorted!

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