Good timing Rosie!

As I, bleary-eyed, scanned through the lists of nominees for the Irish Blog Awards I thanked my lucky stars that this blog had not been nominated. “Why?”, I hear you cry, “You, a blogger since 2003, have never been recognised for your efforts to fill the world with more information that is completely unnecessary! No-one has thanked you for this useless digital record or acknowledged the guilt your children will always feel for not wading through the ephemera that you started for them, about them. They’ll cringe at every interview when the interviewer says, “So I Googled you. You had a few toilet training problems as a child? Do you think this has had a lasting psychological effect?” The teeth will be gritted as same child tries to laugh it off and says, “No but my mother’s damn blogging has! And do you know she was never even nominated for an Irish Blog Award.”

So obviously I’m not bitter. My family aren’t disappointed. Why, pray tell? Well considering there was nothing to see here over the last crucial few days as I migrated my site from one host to another, I have saved us all a lot of embarrassment. I was bleary eyed not from being up all night crying but from being up all night trying to get my damn site to appear to me. At time of writing it still wasn’t behaving. However if you are reading this all has been straightened out and we are back in action. Hurrah!

So there you have it: one non-nominee happy with your decision not to recognise her for another year. (And to be fair another blog that I work on with lots of help from guest posters was nominated so I’m not too heartbroken.)

Image shamelessly robbed from Eolaí and busted

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