Writing of food…

I’m looking forward to a yummy lunch and some good conversation at iFoods.tv’s Christmas Party for bloggers in Dublin. I even very kindly volunteered the services of my musical family.

My diary is fast filling up with Christmas plans already. It’s a very busy time of year but I love it. I’m pretty sure that this year the whole family will be with us for dinner. We might also be including some of the international students from Himself’s MBA course which should make things a little more interesting.

Some years I have organised a Kris Kindle (sp?) for my family but I don’t know if it’s happening this year. As we all get older the tight knit extended Murphy clan are creating their own traditions. One thing that we are hoping will become a tradition in this branch is a cycle up to Phoenix park on Christmas morning to say thank you to the Reindeer. We did it last year and it was GORGEOUS! Also helped us work up a hearty appetite for all the tucker later on. My sister and her fella go for a swim because they are mental.

If I was doing the KK I would definitely consider using Elfster to take the pain out of sending complicated text messages to everyone! I am also considering the eco-friendly and cost-effective option of re-gifting this Christmas as we have a number of family members (including Himself!) who are not working this year or who have had or will have major life events happening.

And yet again I am too late to do all of my shopping online this year. I swear blind every year that I will but always leave it too late for posting. There is so much great and unusual stuff online. I really must start a bookmark collection on gift ideas…

Next year – I swear!

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