I’ll be there

Not only will I be there but I’ve agreed to present my views on Twitter at PodCampIreland 08. So if you have anything you would like to say about Twitter that will not fit into 140 characters but you think is of vital import and must be transmitted to the masses due to attend PodCampIreland in Kilkenny on Saturday, lash ’em into the comments below and vampire like I will use them on Saturday.

Speakers : PodCamp Ireland: Social Media Strategies, Social Networking, Online Marketing

This caught my eye this morning:

Twitter & Social Network Analysis Apps
“For example, when I highlight the IIA (Irish Internet Association), I see all their connections within my network:. A similar tool is available from Twubble. This allows you to see Twitter users that people you follow have in common.”

I’ll definitely be giving that a go later then.

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