Don’t miss Abigailsong in the Village, Wexford St., Dublin

My sister Abigail’s upcoming gig is part of the Dublin Underground Promotions. They’ll be performing some new material at this gig. Joining her on stage are the talented Grainne Deery on piano, Niamh Loughran on violin, Lioba Petrie on cello, Andrew Cooke on bass and Andy Clark on drums.

Some other new and exciting bands are also performing: Jellyroll, Neon Flea Circus, Black Water Fever & more to be confirmed. Check out Dublin Underground site for more details

You can listen to some of Abigail’s songs at

As Abigail says herself, “Come out and support new local music creation. Ears are a great ingredient for music.”

Tickets are available to buy at All City Records for 10 euro. You can also get tickets on the door on the night for 12 euro.

The door will be at The Village, Wexford Street, Dublin, Cost : €12/10

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it myself! I will be at the Geekfest that is PodCampIreland and I would be thoroughly looking forward to it if it were not for the fact that Krishna De twisted my arm and persuaded me to give a talk about Twitter. That’s all lovely except I think everybody present is a Twitterer so they might all drop off. Of course, if I’m on late enough they might all be in the bar… I’ll just tweet my presentation to them all.

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