Rosie, you traitor!

I’ve been spending a lot of my blogging energy of late on my work blog. It’s very different to writing here because here I can ramble and post about anything from cooking, to books to gadgets and whatever shiny trinket catches my fancy. The IIA blog on the other hand I hope to develop into a forum for discussion among the members on all topics that concern businesses using the Internet in Ireland. For example I blogged last week about the Institute of International and European Affairs lunchtime event where Peter Fleisher, Google’s Privacy Counsel talked about Google’s approach to privacy and data protection.

So subscribe to the IIA Blog in your reader and you can keep track of me there…!

Speaking of work I have finally finished the work I was doing for the Light House Cinema. It was a great experience and I was chuffed to be involved in this historic addition to the Irish cultural scene. I wish them all the best and look forward to many pleasant evenings in their fabulous cinemas.

And and and I also got the results of my final two assignments in which I got 72% and 60%. So go on the me.

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