Purple rained on our parade

Well I’m disgusted! As you know I don’t get out much but I was all set for a big (well for a Monday) night out with Himself, Abs,, and the Hack Cuz at the Prince concert and the midget went and cancelled. Such money-grabbing I never did see. So upon what will we spend our refund? There is much to choose from.

And shortly after I heard that, my work laptop decided to chew up and regurgitate the contents of my USB drive. I am currently trying to recover the one file that I desperately need that I didn’t back up. I found a handy little app from www.erichelps.com that is doing the heavy lifing. I’m at 6% of 10,000 and up to 8% while I was re-reading that.

Then I discovered that I was being followed by a bunch of unsavoury characters on Twitter . The slight silver lining on the cloud was that I tried out Twhirl which is as they say in the States, neat. And also FoxyTunes and TwittyTunes which are just the kinda thing a total exhibitionist like me enjoys.
Up to 47% while I was writing all that. Oh I hope it recovers my file or else I’ll be rewriting my script for Giotaí. Aon ní idir sinn is an anachain!

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