Manicured Lawn Gym doesn’t have the same ring

As JUNGLE GYM (say in a big loud deep voice). I would love to purchase a Play Centres from but somehow I don’t think it would arrive in time for S’s birthday today. I met the owner of this company last week, Simon Garvey: what a great guy. I’ve met a lot of inspirational people like him since I started my job with the IIA who just said, “Y’know, actually this doesn’t matter to me – I’m off to do something that does matter to me.” and they do. And like Simon they do a great job. I really like his branding.

Speaking of gardening, I mentioned in a previous post that Himself should be proud. He’s doing great stuff with our strip of land here. Lovely window boxes as mentioned. We also bought a sandpit for the lads. We bought three of these lovely sandpits: one is being used as a pit and the other two are raised beds and they look great. Having a garden is so lovely, especially when there are kids around. Ooh I’m off to watch House!

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