Wonder how his wife feels about his new love?

Conor O’Neill reviews the Nokia N95-8GB and he’s making me think I was a little hasty purchasing my new E51. Mind you O2 gave me mine for free and in recent straitened times it would take a lot more than my gadgetophilia to make me part with EUR440.00. Also I think my E51 is very ladylike and if the N95 is the one I’m thinking about it I don’t think it would fit in most of my party bags – a problem I had with my previous phone. I’m liking the sound of the N95’s podcast download over Wifi and the decent camera. The camera on my E51 is definitely a step down from my previous but I love having a FM radio again and being able to check my mail, blog etc. is enough to keep me happy AND married although Himself might have a thing or two to say about my addictive personality.

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