Don’t tell Setanta

From the Ice Cream Ireland website: Skelligs Truffle Ice CreamWe have noticed that when we arrive at (the artists formerly known as Mum and Dad) Granny & Grandpa’s house now the youngest always says “Ice cream!” Mum always has a plentiful supply of lovely ice cream (although sadly for us Murphys it’s difficult to get Murphy’s in Dublin) blaming her local supermarket for a two plus one deal that forced her to buy six flavours. Grandparents are great. The eldest always reminds us that his Granny gives him a treat when he visits her. His favourite story at the moment is the one Grandpa told him last week about why dogs smell each others’ bums. A mention of a visit to them elicits joy and excitement and visions of a perfect Sunday Roast for Himself and myself. Our social life would be seriously lacking without them. But it’s not all a one-way street. Dad has learnt a lot since the eldest was born. Like how to change a nappy. I’m one of five. You do the math as they say in Amerikay.

Both of our boys loooove Ice Cream just like me and I recently happened upon Murphy’s website: Ice Cream Ireland » Recipes The lads have been experimenting with home-made lollipops in the recent warm weather. Maybe I should make some suggestions like Skelligs Truffle Ice Cream Oh God! I have to stop looking at that website! I’m drooling on my desk.

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  1. Need I add the Murphy’s “The Book Of Sweet Things” is out now, so you can make your own Skelligs Truffle Ice Cream (t and m and what ever rights apply)

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