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I can’t wait to get going on my sewing machine once my evenings are free again. Handbag anyone?

And I’m definitely giving the ladies in “This is Knit” a visit when things calm down. I’ve been following their adventures (crochet, knitting and wool-dyeing classes, new patterns and wools: what more could a laaaady ask for.) An afternoon in Blackrock is on the cards: I must contact my very southside friends! However I already have two unfinished crochet project on the go so possibly I should concentrate on finishing at least one of those before I embark on anything new. Himself would have consigned my crochet projects to the same slush pile of stuff I always say I’ll do except that I actually started these projects. You can see some pics to the right.
Crochet? I hear you say! Yes I am a “hooker” (heh heh heh) although an intermittent one. How intermittent? I hear you ask as I begin to wonder have I spent too much time alone today. Well put it like this I started my current crochet project when I was recuperating from my appendectomy in May 2005. It wasn’t helped by me or the children misplacing my hook on a number of occasions or by the fact that it can be awkward to transport. But it’s a big project. So big in fact that I had to recalculate recently and decided I had made it 1/5th too wide. This was at the same time that I realised I had crocheted a whole row wrong way out. Soooo annoying. Then I compounded my frustration by ripping it from the wrong end so I had to pick, pick, pick away at it for about 2 weeks. You live and learn. However realizing it was a fifth too wide allowed me to remove those granny squares and replace them in another row so I’m lashing along now.
While I was impoting those pics I remembered that I had also commissioned these photos of my new shoes from the eldest. Aren’t they fab? I’m delighted they are brill in one way but also not because now I think buying shoes online is great.

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