You didn’t see me here

I shouldn’t be blogging. I have my second last assignment of my whole Masters due tomorrow. However I just popped in to say that I am aware that my blog needs some serious maintenance and a big design overhaul. I’ve made attempts to do same in the last 3 years but never gave it the priority it deserved. This time it will be different. Once I have my evenings back from the MSc, no TV show, no crochet, no baking and no socialising is going to take priority over my blog for at least until I get totally exasperated. There’s gonna be some changes around here. Bertie will be gone and so will the current design of this blog.

The Irish people are so self-effacing aren’t they? Giving Bertie all the credit for how brill the country is? Actually when I consider the levels of poverty in this country, the sorry state of the childcare situation and the lack of decent indoor and outdoor leisure facilities, he’s welcome to take all the credit. And they’re just my cuddly wuddly bugbears.

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