Move over Darina

I’m thinking of starting a slow-blogging movement. I can’t keep up. Damien Mulley gave me a mention on Friday and I haven’t had a chance to query his terminology. At least I can be intuigthe i ndá teanga, wha’? And how does he not know who I am when I offered my linguistic brilliance for judging best use of Irish in a blog in the Blog Awards? Mmmmm right back atcha.

He has an interesting post in the last few days as well about repeat winners of awards. I think limiting repeat wins is good approach. Má oibríonn sé d’Oireachtas na Gaeilge… In fact if you win Corn Uí Riada three times ever you aren’t allowed enter ever again. No fear there for me either.

N’fheadar céard é an Ghaeilge ar name-dropping? clú clamparáil… Dearídeoir… clú caiteoir no I think it has to be clú leagaire or ainm leagaire.

leagaire\2/ {.nm.} =
<1> pert girl|
saucy girl|
<2> tattler|

Himself is really settling into his new role as stay-at-home-dad. He hasn’t added the nippers into the mix yet. He’s going to finally get really good at the Crosaire and the nippers will finish up in the creche. He’s out at the moment hence my current online status, halfwatching telly.

Leaba anois. Oíche mhaith.

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