Let it never be said

That the voters in Toledo, Ohio, don’t make an effort. I must admit to having only a passing interest in the run-up to the US elections. I am more concerned about what happens after the election. However this photograph of a queue of voters certainly caught my eye. Just regular folk as they say in the US of A in the queue. Except for two men. Jones Vonner is there to cast his vote in a full length cream coat, matching trilby, purple suit and matching purple shoes beside his un-named friend dressed in a baby-blue leisure suit with matching baby blue shoes (not trainers!) and baby blue beret topped off with a full-length black leather coat. The photograph which appeared in today’s Irish Times was not printed there because of the dapper nature of these men’s clothes but they should be given all due credit for turning out to vote and looking super-dooper while doing it. The image can be found on Getty Images or in the print edition of the Irish Times.

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