A busy bee

. I’m keeping very busy at the moment so excuse the hiatus. If you get the feeling that every second post I write begins with some variation on that message rest assured I get the same feeling. Maybe I should start a “hiatus” label.

I am nearly finished my Masters and I am finding this very last module a bit of a challenge. However I have to remind myself that as I reach the midpoint of every module so far I have a slight panic. I convince myself that I know nothing and that there is no way that I am ever going to be able to rustle up not one but two assignments on Peace and Conflict Research to take this module’s focus as an example. I’ll get there. No. 1 is due next week and that is why I am procratinating on my blog…!

I am also wrapping up some freelance work in anticipation of my new role as Membership Marketing and Communication Manager with the Irish Internet Association. A dream job for a nerd like me! I can’t wait. It’s going to be challenging but very engaging. I start at the beginning of April.

And I continue recording my Giotaí so keep an ear out for me and my fascinating seasonal facts on your local radio station and on RaidioX.ie.

Chomh maith leis sin táim ag déanamh píosa beag oibre ar thogra a bheidh an- an-spéisiúl do Ghaeilgeoirí – coinnigh súil ar an spás seo…!

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4 Replies to “A busy bee”

  1. Hey there, just found your blog through twitter!

    Congratulations on the new post – a challenging one but one with great potential. You’ll have a lot of support from people like me and with obvious talent like yours it should be loads of fun!

    Just added your blog to my reader too, so looking forward to reading more!

  2. I should also point out that for some reason my RSS isn’t working. It’s one of those things that I have slated for repair mid-May. So don’t curse me if you aren’t getting updates on me in your reader – sorry!

  3. Ah that would be it alright – was wondering why I didn’t have updates – but not to worry, found you again 😉

    Hope all – work, study and family is going well 🙂

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