Naming or shaming?

Further to my previous post about payment for creative works INDISTR have developed their own model for purchasing music.

Artists can continue to upload music and bundle into albums as they have in the past on INDISTR, but now they’ll have a new option when setting the price they want to charge for the album: letting the public decide. Their fans and supporters can name the price they’d like to pay for the album right on the artist’s page and then checkout as they normally would. Fans and supporters are even shown the exact amount the artist will make from their purchase.

I wonder can the artists set a base price? Is the presence of the pittance the artist will receive from your measly EUR1.50 supposed to shame you into upping your price. Maybe bloggers etc. should start publicising how much they paid for creative content. Somebody should create a widget for it. Look at my bargains or Look how much lolly I can afford to spend on ephemera.

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