More bread

Another attempt at the breadmaking on Saturday. I bought strong wholemeal flour and I left the bread close to the fire. I also used the food processor instead of kneading it. I forgot to take photographs this time. It rose better but still had a very dense texture. I think I didn’t bake it for long enough. Does anybody have a tried and tested bread recipe that I can try? Or even tips?

As mentioned in my Twitter I was at the panto last Thursday. Brilliant. Completely brilliant. Because of my current unemployed status I was able to offer to help the crèche on their annual outing. I looove panto so it was no great trial for me at all. There was singing and actions and shouting and even sweeties! Do you know they even had Segways so even the geek in me was kept happy. Have you noticed that they appear every once in a while? People may laugh but they are gaining a foothold. Mind you my argument about the Segway are the same about any single peron transport: all the cons of a bike with none of the pros, the main advantage being the exercise. I’ve just discovered that Segway are available in Ireland! Hmmm no prices on their website though.

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