As láthair

Excuse my absence. I was helping Abs’ boyfriend Jor with his first solo exhibition and boy did he need the help. Mainly with the setup rather than the actual day to day stuff. Although I suppose it would be a little difficult to wheel and deal on your own paintings. I ended up buying two which I thought were particularly good. The painting on the right is one of them. It is quite small. I love it – it will look great in our study and fits in nicely with my slowly expanding collection of elephants. How I will make sure this pair face the door is beyond me but then again I am not a superstitious person.

Jor has two styles: a collection similar to the one you see here and then a collection that were more influenced by his usual metier of graffiti although only two of the paintings were aerosol – the rest were oil on canvas. He had rented the Loft in the Powerscourt centre which was a beautiful space although not completely suited to hanging artwork. It certainly could do with a slap of polyfilla and a lick of paint if they hope to continue to rent it to artists. Also a little help with some in-centre advertising wouldn’t go astray especially for the prices they are asking. It would be a great spot however for a launch of any kind: this is where StarLittleThing launched their single. They were obliged to bring every single piece of lighting and sound equipment in which made it a bit of a logistical nightmare but it was a great event nonetheless. While we were there a guy came in to make enquiries about the space (actually a few people did). He is a photographer and you should check out the work himself and his father do.

I was a little down on Thursday evening as two of the jobs I have applied for recently didn’t even get me to interview stage which is a little disconcerting. However I had an interview with which I was happy on Friday and another application sent in so fingers crossed I’ll have something to launch into in the New Year.

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