this is why your server is cranky

Now if I could only find the why-did-you-not-damn-well-bring-me-some-water equivalent I would be a less stressed individual. Check outthis is why your server is cranky on to see how some people deal with those little day-to-day stresses.

I tell you what else is stressing me out: I added an Irish Language spellchecker to my Firefox but now it’s telling me I can’t spell in English. Nach mise atá demanding!

But I kid: we have been having some real stress here lately with G’s health. He has been sick for at least a week every month since midsummer. Pneumonia, gastric problems, a chest infection last week and, yesterday’s diagnosis by a doctor in the Children’s Hospital, tonsilitis. S and, as you know from all me moaning last week, I have been feeling a bit under the weather recently too. Hopefully this will be the last of it for a while because everytime G gets sick he stops eating. He will disappear soon. It’s a real worry.

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