Is this the beginning of the end for Google Adsense?

Mashable reports today that the anti-Rudy Giuliani faction on Reddit are being encouraged to click on his google ads as each click will cost him money “kind of like a reverse donation”
The Crowd Finally Gets It: They Can Group Up And Manipulate AdSense: “The thing is, AdSense is just too easy to abuse. Click an ad, and there goes a couple of dollars. Turn it into a meme or a viral joke and thousands go down the drain, together with the entire idea of click-based ads. In any case, what seems like a fun idea for a bunch of Ron Paul or Barrack Obama supporters is Google’s entire business model, and I wonder what are they going to do about it.”
So are we going to see competitors ganging up on each other via their google ad campaigns? What is this going to mean for Google Adsense? Watch the righthand side of your Google search results page to see.

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