Pass the Dutchy

We had a great weekend at our friends’ wedding in Gronigen. We went to an amazing exhibition of Peter Struycken’s work. He is a digital artist who has been working since the 60s. I was going to link to his work online but very surprisingly he doesn’t seem to have a website! Kudos to anyone who can find it. Here’s something to keep you going in the meantime. I saw the name Carel Struycken mentioned in the exhibition and being a bit anglocentric presumed sister/ wife/ daughter. He’s actually his brother and is none other than Lurch from the Addams Family and Mr. Homm from Star Trek. It’s all about synchronicity isn’t it.

We picked up Tiger costumes for the boys. Too cute. Okay it’s late. Good night.

Oh forgot to mention StarLittleThing launched their album last Friday. We missed it as we were in Gronigen and if you missed it give yourself a big kick.

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