Irish Bloggers up in arms

And whether those arms are up in an expression of exasperation or anger depends on who you read. Poor old Keola Donaghy has walked straight into the coal face of Irish Bureaucracy. As an adopted brother of Irish bloggers he has been getting no end of support: FOI requests, phone calls to anyone who knows anyone (I’d say immigration are sorry they stopped him!). Keola is an educated, English-speaking Hawaiian who seems to be the very essence of patience and courteousness (if it were me my blog would be beyond x-rated at this stage due to choice language). I dread to imagine the experience those less educated and with poorer English who don’t dot every I and cross every T must experience. I wonder had he been undertaking a PhD sponsored by one of the big technology or pharmaceuticals would he have experienced such difficulties…?

2 Replies to “Irish Bloggers up in arms”

  1. Aloha Roseanne, and mahalo nui (many thanks) for your kind thoughts. Hope to be able to thank you personally soon.

    I’m not native Hawaiian by ancestry, but was raised among them, and speak the language, as does my daughter and wife to some degree.

    Praying for an amicable resolution to the situation, and your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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