Flash Floods

My colleague tells me that there is flash flooding in South Dublin. You definitely heard it here first because I can’t find anything else about it online.
I know I haven’t posted in a while and you are not popping in now to hear me moan about the weather but it is depressing, really, really grim here at the moment.
However I found a blog (and you definitely didn’t hear this here first cos he has won a ton of awards) which really cheered me up. Good on ye Grandad.

I nuacht eile blagadóireachta, tá mo sheanchara an tImeall tosaithe ag podchraoladh i nGaeilge arís. Maith thú, Imeallóir!

And speaking of podcasts, if you have nippers and want to entertain them at night or if you are like Abs and find children’s stories extremely soporific, check out www.storynory.com. Garman was rapt listening to this on our last holiday and I have downloaded all the episodes in preparation for summer holiday no. 2. How very modrin of me!

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