Keep on reading, keep on reading

I still haven’t finished reading about paradigmatic controversies etc. but I have watched 2 episodes of DH. Now that’s social research.
I must be doing something right though because I got another good result on my last assignment so go on the me.

We just had a beautiful weekend in Oysterhaven Co. Cork (the top right picture is me and the boys in Nohoval Cove – does anyone know anything about this place?) visiting and being visited by friends, hanging out on the beach, doing an egg hunt, surfing (Himself) swimming (me starting and early this year!), being brought all the way home from Cork in a tow truck (all of us). Oh yes our lovely car which we had just retrieved from the garage the previous Thursday after a week and half there (it went into a coma on the way home from Wexford last Sunday week), gave up the ghost again on Monday morning while we were on the way to visit friends in Nenagh. The photo to the right is how we felt while we waited 2 hours to be collected. As you can see the car is nice and roomy… Much to G’s delight we came all the way home in a tow truck. Lovely. What should we do now? Watch this space…

Right I must get back to “The denial of children’s rights and liberties in the UK and the North of Ireland”…

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  1. Just back home in Nohoval after a walk in Nohoval Cove. Looks like you were up on the clifftop with your kids. That’s unprotected cliff. It’s very dangerous. You’ll know better next time.
    Nohoval Cove is great for swimming, was known as Nun’s Cove when the current Tabor Lodge addiction treatment centre was Ballindeasig Convent, owned by the Sisters of Mercy. The nuns used to swim there because it was so isolated and so private. Prior to that it was also known as Smugglers Cove for obvious reasons. That may still be true today judging by the odd characters that hang around there sometimes. It’s very safe for swimming and the Cork sub aqua clubs dive there but it’s very lonely.
    Take care

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