Taking the scenic route

We bit the bullet and finally bought a new car today. We will own a shiny car with power steering and central locking for the first time. More technically speaking it’s a 1.4l Renault Scenic Sportway. God help me with the parking. We get it on Thursday.
I haven’t been able to work out the damage we’ll be doing to the environment. I figured I would feel better after we popped in to Eurobaby & Eurocycle on the Long Mile Road to find a new bicycle seat so I could ditch the car in the mornings and evenings and get back on my bike full time. They only had one model with a fabric seat!! “We don’t design em we just sell ’em” That’s as may be but if I don’t tell you that I think that they are a stupid design you might continue to sell them and I will never be able to find a decent baby seat for my bike.

GARMAN Garman asked me to type GUH for Garman G G G G g g g g

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