Yikes! It’s been a while but I didn’t think it was that long! And it’s only going to get longer. To be honest I am thinking of scrapping this blog. I thought this again this morning with more force when I heard Ben Schott (of Schott’s Almanac fame) slagging Britney (Yeah right!) Spears’ and Lindsey Lohan’s blogs. (I know who these people are because I have been in an airport and a doctor’s waiting room for too long recently). He did not feel that their online musings were deep and meaningful enough. Deep and meaningful like his almanac. He still included them as examples of blog inanities or some such. My point is that I am beginning to feel that there are enough people out there writing about nothing much at all. There are certain issues that I would like to let rip about but I am getting too old and wise to commit too much to paper.

However I won’t be rid of it entirely. If I ever manage to scrape together the time I will keep up the links, sounds and eats section as they are the ones I personally find most useful. I am currently online in fact trying to find my banana cake recipe. And it’s not there. Dammit that means it needs to be typed up.

And while I was looking at that I noticed that some of the sections are really wanting.

What am I really supposed to be doing here? Reading this. And other fascinating evaluation reports. Lucky, lucky me.

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