Going potty I can’t believe it is so long since I have posted. No doubt I have lost all 3 of my readers (ladies and gent you know who you are: keeping the faith). Himself just walked in and snared me blogging and me after finding out that I am 3 weeks late back to college – yikes! This of course does not bode well for future blogging sessions either but let’s make the most of our time together. I have often thought about you and I have even considered wrapping it up but here I am, online adulation addict and exhibitionist that I am.

So where have I been exactly? I’ll tell you I forgot how much time a nipper takes up. Add to that a toilet training toddler and a house in a state of chassis and very intermittent internet access (the NTL guy is my new friend: I will miss him now it’s fixed). The one thing I can say I am on top of (or not actually) is the washing: our laundry basket is empty because of the massive turnover of toddler gear and he’s not getting the whole concept or he is and is just messing with our heads.
And can you believe it but Setanta is 4 months old and I will shortly start him on solids.

And so much has been happening: the European Court of Justice give carte blanche to employers to continue paying working mothers less, Bertie and his buddies get lashed out of it by the meeja (and that sentence covers events that are still ongoing…snooooze), Newstalk 106 goes nationwide and I keep forgetting to listen to it, Dinners got engaged, Smart Telecom went bust, we got a fab new buggy, Garman got a bed and his cousins came to stay.

And now I have to go and feed the nipper. I will discuss some of these matters anon. Night folks!

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