A conversation yesterday:

Garman is as funny as ever (“I not a funny guy”)
G: What you doing?
Me: I’m having a glass of water
G: Why?
Me: Cos I’m thirsty
G: Why?
Me: Because that’s how I feel
G: Why?
Me: (running short of ideas): Because I am 90% water
G: Okay. That’s great.

Where is the day gone? I didn’t do too badly today: I finished one of the piles of ironing AND I made bolognese sauce. Yesterday I only managed to iron an item of clothing. S likes to be close to me (bless) so I had him slung onto my back while doing the bolognese. He’s more or less settled into a routine which is great and thanks mainly to my added confidence as a second time mum. (Added confidence!! Like she needs more confidence!)

Kitchen confidential On the offchance that you, dear reader, might be wondering why I have stopped posting pix of the work in progress that is our house it is because (a) Mum has taken her digital camera to photograph her youngest grandchild and (b) we are getting so close that it will ruin the WOW factor when you come to visit. The kitchen dude is in at the moment and the doors are going up. There was a major recessed latching handles saga that is beyond boring and now they are not being used. I know a lot more about ironmongery than I should…

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