HERE HE IS!!! Prepare yourself for the shortest birth story EVER! (Those of you who know me will be thinking “Yeah right!”) So we arrived in at 9.30 and the induction was started at 10ish. Things progressed and by 1pm started having contractions with very little time between them but was managing them with my yogic (:D) breathing. Midwife came to see me at 2pm and unfortunately no “official” change since 10am. So I went off to the shower. Himself went off to meet my mum to get my yoga ball and a picnic she had prepared for us. Shower was great, met Himself back in the ward. Managed half a sambo between contractions and decided I’d like to get back in the shower as someone turned on the TV to watch a match!! I could not believe that! And people wondered why I wanted a homebirth šŸ˜€

While in the shower my waters went at about 3.30 and then things went bananas. My midwife was called and meanwhile my contractions went into overdrive. She came in and said that I had to get back to my bed so she could make sure I was in labour. Somehow or other they got me into a wheelchair and raced me back to my bed, narrowly avoiding a pair of toddlers (!) and the people watching the match (!!!). I lept off the wheelchair onto all fours and started headbutting the locker beside my bed (!!!!). I do not know how I got onto that bed (why are they always so high??!!) but the minute I got there all I wanted to do was push. This was terrifying as I hadn’t even been confirmed I was in labour! The next thing you know they have me being sped down the hall on my bed to delivery and 15 mins later Setanta comes out cool as a cucumber, doesn’t even announce his arrival and is all “Jeez chill lads! What’s all the fuss!”

Setanta Murphy Meyler: 8lbs on the nose. Actually they had an estimated birth weight after the scan on Friday and I made sure nobody mentioned it to me. I’m very glad I did!

I mean talk about going from one extreme to the other: when my waters broke on Garman he arrived 31 hours later; with Setanta it was just about 31 MINUTES later!

Straight after we were cleaned up and settled I tucked into my cheese and branston pickle sandwiches that my mum brought in and we were back at home at 10.30pm so all in all we didn’t spend that long away from home after all.

So result! He’s a serious muncher. Upstairs asleep with the other fellas. Better go and check him.

Thanks for all the support and good wishes and above all patience with my total self-absorption lately! “Total self absorption?” says you, “What’s new?!”

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