Off the boil but willing to wait considering the date that’s in it although Nimrod M—-r has a nice ring to it. I am trying everything but whatever twinges I was getting last Wednesday and Saturday were false alarms. Sitting here drinking my raspberry leaf tea, with my clary sage oil in the burner wondering am I trying too hard; am I not resting enough; am I resting too much; is it the heat (it is sooo warm!) and I’m not even due for another 5 days so I should just chill and stop worrying.

Tick Tock went HIS biological clock In today’s Irish Times Health Supplement there was a sidebar which summarised research into male fertility which suggested that not only does the quantity and activity of human sperm decrease with age but so does the quality and the older the sperm the more likely genetic disorders. Women need no longer think is it just them and Captain Hook’s crocodile that’s ticking. Silver foxes may not look so attractive and distinguished anymore… (Those prematurely grey excepted of course.)

Punk crocker What about that Sandi Thom wannabe though? You might not mind so much if her single was halfway decent but it is pure s**t. It turns out, you see, that she was hyped by a really alternative PR company who come up with stealth campaigns. As G would say “Omigummess I don’t believe it” You wouldn’t know what to believe nowadays. I am reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood at the moment (less than EUR4.00 in my local friendly Oxfam – if you don’t mind getting reading advice from a blue rinse which makes you wonder about why your reading tastes are so similar) and it is very close to the bone, all this spin and hype.

An Teach Fada I have a few more pictures to post. We popped over last Wednesday as the windows were in the back but we forgot to bring the camera. After our housekeeper told me on Friday that the windows were in the front as well we decided to go and check it out and pick up our barbeque while we’re at it considering the weather that’s in it. The builder had put in the door (which we had specifically told him not to because it wasn’t what we wanted and it had a crack) for which we have no key so the latest pix are all exterior shots. It’s going well though and I’m off to look at stone for the garden today. So no need to be jealous if you are reading this in your office and thinking how lucky am I to be sitting in my garden, I’m not, I’m in my temporary bedroom and I am about to get in my car and drive around the arse end of the Naas and Long Mile Roads and Dublin 12. Lucky me.

Test the Nation Watched Test the Nation on RTÉ last night. It was the culmination of 2 weeks programming celebrating the Irish Nation’s achievements over the last 20 years. It was so poorly produced and the questions were hardly testing. I’m not saying I got full marks but contrary to what you might think I do not trundle around with my head stuffed full of trivia.

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