Soo excited Himself was up in the house since the pix below were taken and he came home very excited. The space between the sitting room and kitchen has been widened and even with the back all boarded and no skylights up he says there is so much light. Look at the top right picture below and check out the sight line from the back garden right through to the front. Go on O’Connell Architecture, ya good thing! Himself was also thrilled to see that work had started on widening our impossible carport. He told me before the work started that he was more excited about the carport than any other part of the work. I hope his attitude changes when we are choosing our kitchen, floors and tiles…

Oh lady we have to do all that and I am sooooo pregnant. Garman, Mum-Granny and I went for a swim yesterday morning and I had serious backache and was tired all day. Coupled with a visit from the midwife yesterday (the very same one who assisted in Garman’s birth) who was the second to say that based on my previous experience I will probably go early AND numerous braxton hicks AND the fact that Himself is at a stag, I swear I really thought I was going to end up in Holles St. in the wee small hours this morning. I was just tired. If I go before next Sunday I have to go to hospital but anytime after that we can go ahead with our homebirth.

As I mentioned Himself is away at a stag and seems not to be having such a great time. Garman hasn’t been 100% in the last week and Himself seems to be coming down with something too. I was just saying to my mother last night though that I was really glad to be living with her while Himself was away because I really don’t think I could’ve managed without her help. Speaking of which I should be upstairs having a snooze. We are going to see the Magnum Ireland exhibition in IMMA at about 3 so I will need all my energy. We can just make out a face of a friend in one ot the photos apparently.

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