How de udder half live As my regular readers know we are currently residing in my parents’ home in posh Rathmines while renovations are being undertaken in our own place. Our site architect (otherwise known as Dad to me and my siblings), Himself and Garman went to check the progress this morning. Garman wore his hard hat and hi-viz vest (I’ll post pics when they are developed) and was delighted to see Dizzy (right) working away on our Bob the Builder site.

Meanwhile I was studying and read this really interesting Qualitative Research paper: “The Social and Cultural Construction of Singlehood among Young, Single Mormons”. Illuminating for me from a methodology approach but also illuminating and quite touching from a human interest point of view.

After lunch and more reading I decided some fresh air was required and we headed down to Dunville Avenue to pick up a few messages. There are things you can’t get in Dunnes like Rooibos Tea and decent pasta which can always be found in Dunville Ave. But I’ll tell you one thing you won’t get in Dunville Avenue and it speaks volumes: a ticket for the lotto. The people who frequent Dunville Avenue, who go there to buy Rooibos Tea and decent pasta have no need to win the Lotto.

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