Faightear an t-aitheantas cuí ar dheireadh agus sciobtar díot é trí, ní amháin do leasainm a mhí-litriú ach d’ainm baiste a bheith go hiomlán mícheart. Praghas íseal le n-íoc ar an gclú agus an cáil…! Comghairdeas leis an Imeall a bhuaigh an duais ar an mblag i nGaeilge is fearr ag BlagGradam na hÉireann.
So you finally get the recognition you deserve and it is whipped away from you by not only misspelling your nickname but by getting your given name completely wrong. Ah a small price to pay for fame and fortune. Congrats to an tImeall for winning the best use of Irish in a blog at the Irish BlogAwardsElectricNews.net:News:Twenty Major takes top prize at blog awards: “The Irish language award went to Martin from an tImeal, who said he hopes to see Irish language blogging go mainstream by next year.”

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