Lá ‘le Vailintín faoi mhaise daoibh Hope you are feeling all loved up. This is my first Valentine as a wife. Himself and I are not really big into Valentine’s Day but it has special memories for us. However we each have a birthday: mine is on Sunday so it makes Valentine’s Day a little difficult. I can empathise with all the Noels, Noelles and Nollags out there to a certain extent. We also have an anniversary which is going to be even more special this year. And there are another 361 days in the year when there is always love. Love that is more red than roses and blue than violets and the glitter doesn’t come off it and get stuck on the skin under you eye and the pollen doesn’t stain your cream pillow cases.

There is no harm however to take a moment on Valentine’s Day and think about all the people you appreciate and to let them know how much you appreciate them and why. Go on do it now!

Lots of love from me to you, my dear readers!

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