My poor parents have gone for a week of jazz and culture and visiting to New York. Reminds me of that great jazz joke: What’s your job? I’m a drummer. What’s your problem?


“A total of 26.9 inches fell in Central Park, the most since record-keeping began in 1869, the National Weather Service reported. In what weather experts called a remarkable and relentless fall that began late Saturday afternoon and ended late yesterday, it eclipsed the legendary blow of Dec. 26-27, 1947, which dropped 26.4 inches and killed 77 people. It also easily surpassed the memorable No. 3 and No. 2 storms, of Jan. 6-7, 1996, which left 20.2 inches, and March 12-14, 1888, the notorious Blizzard of ’88, which dropped 21 inches.” Wind and Snow Strike 14 States; Record Accumulation in N.Y. – New York Times

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