Alreet are you being served, ye big eejit? The Sister Abs rang from Canada last night. She has 2 jobs as is the wont of the travelling Irish. One of them is with a North American bookstore chain where her “role” is (and I kid you absolutely not) Customer Experience Representative. I am sure she is very good at this as she has had a number of sales roles down the years and has enjoyed dealing with some customers. Himself has recently changed roles in his workplace and when he described to me exactly what it is he does in this new role I thought “Hey! That’s my job!” What’s in a name? Well in the sis’s case no more than the minimum wage apparently.

Ach the puir weens Agus glacaim leis go mbíodh buairt ann faoina páistí bochta le Gàidhlig a mbíodh aistear orthu roimhe seo chun freastal ar scoil lán-Gàidhlig…?

Skye whisky firm will only employ Gaels – Sunday Times – Times Online: “The move threatens to further divide a community torn apart by plans to make Sleat primary school, on the island, exclusively Gaelic. Gaelic-language campaigners have been accused of “fascism” over the policy, which would mean that some pupils would have to travel 25 miles to another school to be taught in English. “

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