Alban ar líne Dá mbeinnse inann rá go raibh 100% den tír seo ar leathanbanda bheinn bródúil agus sásta nach mbeadh aon ní ag teacht idir mise agus mo chomh-Éireannaigh.

Surfing the high road – Sunday Times – Times Online: “Surfing the high road
As the nation goes 100% broadband, you can now travel all over Scotland without leaving your bed, finds David Stenhouse

The first daffodils have still to raise their heads, but already the country has passed two technological milestones this year. The executive has announced 100% broadband roll-out, allowing Scots from the Tweed to Thurso to surf the net without waiting for sluggish dial-up connections. And I�ve finally worked out how to use the wireless router that I bought for my computer last June.”

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