Oooh mammy Yes I am a keeper of a much reviled Mammy blog but personally I think there’s more to it than that. Wait’ll I start writing about social research (which is what I am studying) and the begrudgers will beg for me to bring back the cute stories about G’s first swear words etc.

One thing I am learning from studying online is how important it is to ensure timely and consistent delivery. There has been some stopping and starting this term and there seems to be some staff difficulties as well (reading between the lines) and whatever about lecturers not turning up or lecture venues being changed with a note on the door it’s a lot more confusing when the lecturers and lecture halls are for want of a better word, virtual. Another thing is that participation will not come from the students: it has to be encouraged and fostered by a moderator or a champion of some kind.

Both of these points can be applied to any online work that involves a community be they newsletter readers, site users or forum users. The only exception I have seen to the second point are parenting forums: leave a bunch of ladies at it and the next thing you know your server keels over.

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