Tales and thoughts from Bellyland Actually there was great excitement last week when I went to my antenatal yoga. When I arrived the lift was upstairs so I thought “I’ll hoof it up the 2 flights”. When I got to the classroom one of the women in the class was sitting down looking a little flustered. Well she’d been in the lift with a man, and 2 women one who was obviously in labour and the other who may have been a midwife. However my classmate said that the labouring woman didn’t seem that far gone. Next thing she says “Okay the baby’s coming” and the other woman says “No no it’s not” and labour lady says “Yes it is ” and lo literally and behold it arrived!! My poor classmate in the lift trying to blend in with the wall! Can you imagine! Dunno what I’m marvelling at – if my dad has anything to do with it I’ll be having this one in a birthing pool in the back garden!!!

By the way if anybody watched “Extraordinary Breastfeeding” last night on Channel 4 and is totally put off breastfeeding by it please don’t be. The same channel was also screening “THe World’s Biggest Penis” or some other twaddle later on, never mind the totally unrealistically gorgeous (but admittedly very entertaining) Desperate Housewives. I really felt that programme was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It was all this “breastfeeding is great” but only really showed extreme examples of it and I don’t recall them mentioning that the WHO recommendation is at least 6 months which is a far more manageable target for women today. God I’d love to have the lifestyle where I could breastfeed until my child was 8….? Each to their own!

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