Sound rocks I’ve had a sound filled day today le mo chéad podchraoladh curtha le chéile don obair agus comhrá fada agam le mo dhearthair Middlebro ar Skype in ainneoin dó féin. Chuir sé scairt orm de thaisme agus an chéad rud eile bhíomar tar éis 20 noiméad a chaitheamh ag caint…!

Agus ag caint ar action tá an chuid ón taobh istigh ach ní airíonn Himself go fóill é i gceart.

Agus ag caint ar fuaim tá an té taobh istigh in ainmse bheith inann cloisteáil de réir Eumom:

Hearing is by now well developed in your baby and he/she begins to respond to sound (earliest evidence for this is from 18-22 weeks) and can open and close its mouth. Your baby is also sensitive to taste and touch, and baby teeth have now formed in the gums. Additionally, the eyes are well developed, as are the eyelids; these, however, remain closed until birth, but can open if the baby is born from around 24-25 weeks.

Not forgotten I’ll have some Christmassy pics of G soon so don’t think I am forgetting about him. How could I? When I came home from work I was relaxing on the couch and he comes over, grabs my hand says “Up! Up! Up! Rinaroadie!” and then we had to do “Fallin Down” where he finishes what I start and sings “lady” in the cutest way.

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