2006 how are ye! It’s gonna be an exciting one for us no doubt: a new baby, a renovated house, new cousins and life in general. But to be honest I don’t know how 2005 can be topped: ski-ing, a (rubbish) trip to Rome, surfing, an appendectomy, marriage, honeymoon, diving, back to college, all sorts of announcements from friends and family, arrivals, departures (Gladys RIP), relocations and all sorts of work stuff. Janey Mac it’s been non-stop.

Belly up An chéad ceann i sraith íomhá díom féin agus an bolg.
The first in the series of me and the belly.

A special visitor Santa Claus came to visit us this Christmas. We left some whiskey and tayto for him and a carrot for the reindeer. The whisky and tayto were gone and there was big bites taken out of the carrot by the reindeer. Santa filled our stockings with sweets and little bits and bobs and left presents under the tree for all of us. Garman said “Ooh la la!” as he opened each of his presents and has been very pleased with all that he got. He was a dote on Christmas Day: everytime he got a present he took one out from under the tree for someone else. Lovely.

Speaking of lovely I’m having a package of tayto at the mo and truly they are fabulous. Being pregnant rocks! And speaking of fabulous my husband is fabulous. He made all of the Christmas dinner (apart from the delish baked ham which Mum did) and it was perfect. To give myself a little credit I made sure all the ingredients were in place. It was a great Christmas and next year is only going to be better!

Lego of all trappings of adulthood And I don’t know if the stresses and strains of all this constant change or the upcoming exams or both but Himself is currently on the floor playing with the Duplo (suitable for 2 – 5 year olds). Well I suppose I can’t complain: at least he’s available for conversation…

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