Hellloooo!!! As Garman has started saying. It is so funny hearing your intonation parrotted back at you. You should hear the way he says Himself’s name. Very disturbing. But more tellingly he never calls me by my name which supports my theory that my attention is rarely gotten by referring to me by name. He can’t even attempt to say it. Obviously I am so focussed that nobody has to GET my attention.

But that is a mere preamble to my actually saying “Helloooo!!!” to you all and more seasonally “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” albeit belatedly. As anyone who has seen me over the holidays can attest I have quite a bit on my plate at the moment without including all my telecommunications. However for those of you using Skype you’ll be happy to hear that I am also Skype-able: details in the side bar under “Contact”. You will also find my MSN details there as well but don’t use it to mail me as I do not use it as a mail account.

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