Tomorrow is one of those days Garman will be TWO! Can you believe it? We had a lovely birthday party yesterday with his 3 cousins and aunty and uncle and Sparky the dog and his Nana and Pops and he was delighted. Mind you as his oldest cousin (and really second cousin) pointed out “Where’s the birthday cake?” The birthday cake only got baked today as it is going into the creche tomorrow. I am a rubbish mum.

Fashionista I was at the fashion event of the latter part of the week last Thursday: the launch of Topshop on Stephen’s Green. As the web designer of one of the designer collections I got an invite. From my cousin. So I’m at THE fashion event 25% off everything instore and what do I buy? Wait for it: a pair of slippers. I saw Samantha Mumba AND Gráinne Seoige going green with envy as a I shuffled away from the cash register on my zimmer frame.

Oh la.

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