Nice work if you can get it

The Hand Lady put me onto this one. You’ll only get it if you find yourself inexorably drawn into reading Róisín Ingle’s article in the Irish Times Mag every Saturday. I don’t read it. It is too painful to think that someone is being paid to write that column. Folks I write for youse out of the good of my heart. Okay so I may not write every week but I try to only write when I have something remotely interesting to say. Okay maybe that’s not quite true either.

Y’know I am a tortured blogging soul. I can’t write about some of the most important things in my life because I am very discrete. However I will tell you about me and the Galway – Dublin Road. You will be so sorry…

The Rocky Roid to Dubbelin It’s official: the journey from Galway to Dublin is jinxed for us. My last 3 trips we have had incidents: a puppy knocked down, a loony high speed chase and last Saturday, a tow from Tyrellspass to Dublin. As if I didn’t have enough dislike of the “City” of Tribes as it was now I am extremely superstitious about its feelings towards me. I love Connamara but it’s hard to think of a way of getting to and from without having to go near Galway.

Big thanks to Joe Cooney, a DJ with Midlands Radio, who drove the three of us in his tow truck all the way back to Dublin. A sound man.

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