Irish Times Article – One year’s free childcare for all urged in new report: “The report also recommends changes to maternity leave, which should be increased by two weeks per year over the next five years. This would ultimately result in women being entitled to 26 weeks of paid maternity leave. It also recommends extending parental leave.”
I have three things to say about this:

  • Don’t get too excited it’s only a report that suggests the government do something.
  • Men don’t get a look-in – again!
  • I have never met anyone not female and not married to a millionaire who has actually used their parental leave. Such a cod.
    Well I suppose it would be reassuring if your child were very ill.

My internal monologue has tourettes when I cycle to work in the morning. Unfortunately it nearly always becomes externalised somewhere between Leeson St Bridge and Kildare st. Grrrrr!

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