Rosie the decathlete Instructions for my hen:

Wear outdoor clothes, suitable for running around and also warm if the weather isn’t hot. If it is hot bring sun screen! Also bring togs and a towel.

Run, Rosie, Run Garman copies every single sound he hears – I thought he was gonna get us beaten up this evening because all the young wans in Crumlin were shouting things “Hee-yer yew!” and he was shouting “Hee-yer yew!” He also said ice cream yesterday which is hands down his favourite food. The photograph on the left was taken from our house. We are quite elevated here so we often get amazing sunsets.

We’re all going to the zoo Well we went to Fota Wildlife Park a few weeks ago. The week before and the week after the weather was glorious. The afternoon we were there with the Corkonian, Kaybee and Mr. Kaybee, it just rained and rained. Typical. Check out that gorgeous zebra. More shots to come. If you are in Cork I would recommend it. The scenery in the area is amazing: all low and watery.

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